New Publication

I got a fun and entirely unexpected email a couple of days ago. First, some back story:

These past two years I’ve submitted very few stories/poems/essays. The reasons are two-fold:

  1. My focus has been on writing and refining picture book texts which, because of the nature of picture books, rarely work well in literary magazines (where most of my previous work has been published).
  2. The process of submitting work to magazines/agents/editors is one of my least favorite aspects of writing. I love the creative element of writing, but the salesmanship aspect is not my favorite.

So, I was pleasantly surprised to get an email a couple of days ago from an editor who has published my work before, Ben White from Nanoism. Ben’s email was to tell me he’d like to publish a piece I submitted over two years ago. I had completely forgotten about the piece, but I’m happy to report that next Wednesday, December 22nd a very short story of mine will appear on

Nanoism is a publication that confines itself to the 140 characters that Twitter allows. It’s a fun challenge to write a story with so few words. I’ve written a few others which can be found on this website under the tab “Six Second Stories.”

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