8 Random Things You Wouldn’t Know About Paul Rondema If You Didn’t Read This Interview: Yet Another Interview with Paul Rondema, Children’s Author (Who keeps inviting him back?)

Question: Really, now. This is the third time we’re interviewing you. Who keeps inviting you?

Paul: What a great way to make me feel welcomed and truly valued.

Question: Is that sarcasm?

Paul: You’re getting a lot better asking questions.

Question: But why are you here?
Paul: Another great question. Thanks for asking. For all the people who have been clamoring for silly facts about me I offer 8 Random Things You Wouldn’t Know If You Didn’t Read This Interview:

  1. In my youth I lived in China (2 years) and Nigeria (4 years).
  2. I have been pierced 4 times (but I’ve let three of the holes close).
  3. I have broken my nose at least twice (whoever said basketball isn’t a contact sport).
  4. My best sports in high school were volleyball and basketball.
  5. My graduating class had 20 students.
  6. I met my wife in my first class on my first day at the university from which we both graduated (Norm Metzler’s Faith for the Future class; Charlotte introduced us).
  7. My oldest sibling will turn 60 later this year (Happy birthday, Jay).
  8. I hate Styrofoam (it gives me the shivers).

Question: Finished?

Paul: Yes. Now do you want to tell me any random facts about you?

Question: Sure.

  1. I hope we can get someone new for our next interview.

Paul: Is that it?

Question: It’s enough.

Paul: Well, if you’re going to be so reticent, maybe we can get your readers to chime in. What are 8 Random Things I Wouldn’t Know If You Didn’t Read Tell Me? I look forward to reading your responses.

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