An Interview with Paul Rondema, Children’s Author

Question: So, Paul, I see you’re recommending picture books.

Paul: That wasn’t a question.Paul Rondema

Question: I see you’re recommending picture books?

Paul: Not quite. Give it another try.

Question: Why are you recommending picture books?

Paul: Well done. I’m recommending picture books because I love them, and I want others to know about picture books that speak to me and will hopefully speak to them.

Q: But what makes you think people will pay attention to your recommendations?

P: I don’t know if they will, but if my recommendations get people thinking about picture books and talking about picture books (and hopefully reading a few of them) I’ll consider the time I put into the recommendations worthwhile.

Q: But what if no one reads your recommendations? What if no one reads any of your posts?

P: Ha, ha. You got this far, and you’re someone. At least one person must be reading.

Q: But seriously, what if no one reads any of the books you recommend.

P: I would love to have people read more picture books (and kid’s lit in general), but even if my posts are only for me, they’re worth it.

Q: How? Why?

P: I don’t just read. I also write. Every one of the books I recommend has given me some measure of inspiration. At least part of me wishes I had written every one of these books. Some are in a style I have never successfully pulled off (like the non-fiction or the books with stories told mostly through illustrations…trust me, you do not want to see my artwork), but every one of these books have influenced me as a writer.

Q: You’re a writer, you say. Where can I read your work?

P: Right here.

Q: What does that mean?

P: This site. This page. The picture book recommendations are in the tab marked “Paul’s Picture Book Recommendations.” I thought that would be obvious.

Q: Maybe for you.

P: Yes…right.

Q: Well, anyway. Thank you, Paul, for taking the time to answer these questions.

P: You’re welcome…but that wasn’t a question.

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